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Reviews 2020

September 2020

I put my cats to the cattery whilst we had some redecorating done at the house (white paint and black cats would not be good together!). Anne was most helpful when I had to change the starting date, and then delay pick up. Really appreciated the flexibility, and the cats are happy and healthy. Also loved seeing the videos during their stay. Knew they'd be fine when they stopped crying when we arrived and they could see where they were! They'd enjoyed their last stay so much! Maria 

Lindsay and Andy

Jan 2020

We know that when we are away, Harry will be very well looked after and get all the attention he is used to at home. Anne is fantastic with all the cats and is exceptionally easy and professional to deal with from.our perspective - even reminding us of we haven't booked him in for next time! Would thoroughly recommend 😀

First time

July 2020

Used for first time this weekend. Delighted with this cattery.

Very clean, lovely large rooms and really nice beds, toys etc inside the room my 2 boys were using.

Highly recommend.  Donna

Lovely Immaculate pens 

Aug 2020

Anne is lovely, immaculate pens well set up for the cats to run around plenty of space.

AA cattery is a wonderful loving environment for anyone’s precious cats. Vesper and Domino had a 6 week extended stay and were absolutely spoiled and so well looked after. Would recommend in a heartbeat. Elizabeth and Billy. x