First-Rate Cat Care

At AA Cattery, your cat will get the finest accommodation and service possible. Our facility has been running for 20 years, and I myself (Anne) have owned and been running it for ten years. That means you can look forward to a happy and stress-free stay for your cat.

I supply top-quality wet and dry food, as long as your cat is not on a special diet.

If needed, I will administer any medication at an additional charge of £1 per day. 

£9.50/day for one cat

£18/day for two cats sharing the same pen. (must be from same family)

£27 for 3 cats sharing the same pen. (again must be from same family)

Our Boarding Facility

Created with your cat’s comfort and safety in mind, each pen is supplied with a heat lamp to keep our guests warm, and a covered outdoor area where they can play around and enjoy fresh air.

Where are you going on holiday ?

Is your cat going to the same place ?

All my pen are named after holiday destinations. (Just a bit of fun)

Little Blossom was the first who went to the same place as her owners (2018)

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